Saturday, November 9, 2013

Review - Grand Theft Auto V

With this year having an immense amount of New Triple-A games shining at its horizon, Some are being mentioned as contenders for GOTY. Not to mention the highly anticipated release of the Next-Gen Consoles; 2013 seems to have its hands filled. Current-Gen Consoles need that extra something to prove their still worth your buck, Rockstar Games plans to leave its imprint on PS3 and Xbox 360 with Grand Theft Auto V

In April of 2008 Rockstar Games released Grand Theft Auto IV. With a step in the new direction and it's first time  gracing the still relatively new PS3 and Xbox 360 - it took a more serious approach. GTA IV set a new standard for Rockstar Games to live up to, from that moment on Rockstar began publishing more serious, innovative, polished Intellectual Properties. One of those being the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemtion. After months of silence at the end of the release of Max Payne 3 - Rockstar began to shutter some light on its much awaited sequel to GTA IV. Finally Rockstar loosend up and teased the waiting with multiple trailers showing off what the game would be capable of. Golfing, Bike Riding, Parachuting, and Tennis were just scratching the surface of what was to come. Graphically wise the game was a HUGE step from GTA IV; it was impressive and just overall pretty to look at. But with these trailers came a bit of skepticism - no one was really sure if these 8 year old consoles could handle such a beautiful well crafted world without having some huge hiccups. Some went as far as to say that GTA V would not be released on the current gen and was waiting for the PS4 and Xbox One to make an appearance. Rockstar was quick to shut down the rumors assuring the fans that they would experience Los Santos (GTA's copied and pasted take on Los Angeles) exclusively on the 360 and PS3. 

Now... After 2 months of enjoying and exploring I can give my solid review on my take of Grand Theft Auto V

After the mandatory install GTA V opens. No more waiting, no more anticipation, screw the critics I say in my head; the moment is now! The game begins and we find are selves in North Yankton and smack dab in the middle of a heist (hell of a way to open the game Rockstar <3) we soon find out we are playing as a younger Michael Townly. As the heist progresses it is teaching you the new features and displaying the wonderful new physics it can now toy with. Skip ahead a little in time i now have unlocked all 3 main protagonist - Michael, Franklin, and psychotic, schizophrenic Trevor (who is by FAR main favorite character off this years protagonist list). I'm now able to ride around and do as I please, I tend to go about as Franklin and bring "man's best friend" his pet dog ChopNow that I've played GTA V and have taking my time with it, I must say it lived up to every bit of expectation I set upon it and more. Rockstar never seems to fail its fans and critics, and GTA V is no exception. From Landscape to Draw Distance, Grand Theft Auto V once again set's a standard and pushes every technical stand point for the current-gen systems that are now starting to show their age. I looked but their isn't much to complain about with this release - it's perfect in the sense of how much you can do and the freedom you're allowed. I had minor very minuscule problems with Frame rate but again PS3 and 360 are beginning to show their age so I don't hold that against it. Other wise this game is something no one should pass up and definitely a keeper and a mark for this generations finest and last projects.

I award Grand Theft Auto V a solid 5/5. 


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